Arizona Artist Liz Guy, Conceptual Art Work, Art Talents Donated
Salt River Project 70’ “100 year Weathering Steel” power pole Est. $9,000.00
Anonymous Donor 2 Trees Est. $100.00
Gilmore Parsons, design, engineering, construction coordination
Permits & Drawings, Stage Meetings, Est. $12,000.00
Sun State Builders Transport & Installation of Flag Pole Est. $4000.00
Bronze Artist Sylvana Anderson-Gish, “The Nathan Martens Story” Art talents Donated
Baker Family Electric, To run necessary service to pole, hook up light Est. $500.00
Charles Cotter 25 large boulders for pole base Est. $2500.00
Greg Albertson, Loading & Hauling boulders to Memorial site Est. $400.00
General Engineering Support, Site Survey Surveyors West Side Est. $1200.00
San Tan Pride Web, office, advertising support Est. $600.00
Kathie Denton PRIDE Chair for Grand Parade, Dedication, Memorial Funding, Military, Schools, Fire & Police Invitations Est. PRICELESS
Gordon Brown, PRIDE Vice Chair Memorial Construction Est. PRICELESS
Memorial Web Master Est. Donated
Alden Rosbrook, STMPA Board and Memorial Chairman
Materials, $1000 Donated
David Silver, Help to acquire Navy anchor

Ken Elliot, Labor and equipment for sandblasting,  $1250

TOTAL to date   6/30/06   $46,950.00


Monetary Donations $25.00 or more
Borgata at San Tan Heights, Scottsdale $500.00
Peggy Davids, Phoenix $100.00
Michelle Thomas, Queen Creek $75.00
Sharon Marshall, Mesa $25.00
Anonymous PRIDE Members $50.00
The Belknap’s, Gilbert $25.00
Queen Creek Chamber of Commerce, President Vice Davis $1000.00
Kathie & Don Denton, PRIDE Members $100.00
Anonymous, Queen Creek Foothills $50.00
Anne Reed, Queen Creek Foothills $200.00
The Smith’s, Gold Canyon $200.00
The Nelson’s, Sebring Florida $50.00
Anonymous PRIDE members $100.00
The Castillo Family, Carolina Puerto Rico $100.00
  Anne Autrey, In Memory of Sammy, Ethiopa and Vietnam Special Forces Veteran, Burleson, Texas $500.00
The Sossaman’s, Queen Creek $50.00
Anonymous PRIDE Members $100.00
Old Salty US Marine & Family, Queen Creek $500.00
Queen Creek Primary Care $100.00
Skip Sorely, Top Flite Construction, Tempe $1000.00
Wal-Mart, Johnson Ranch $5,000.00
McMurry Family, San Tan Foothills $50.00
Barbara Davis, In Memory of Sammy, Ethiopa and Vietnam Special Forces Veteran, Burleson, Texas $250.00
Anonymous, PRIDE Members $50.00
The Cox Family, PRIDE Members $50.00
Karen Willes, Queen Creek $100.00
Tom & Lucille Murch, Queen Creek $100.00
Dan & Donna Saban, Gilbert $450.00
Mr. & Mrs. George, Queen Creek $100.00
Basha’s Super Markets, Chandler 3 $100 Basha’s gift cards $300.00
Elizabeth Aquiar, Phoenix $50
Warren and Michelle Peterson of VIP Homes, Mesa  $250
Gary McCaleb, In memory of Robert B. McCaleb, USN 1970-72   Scottsdale $100
Pantaleon Martinez, Mesa  $50
Michelle Phillips, Mesa $75
Pepsico, Phoenix $75
Schnepf   Farms, Queen Creek,  $100
Loring Myers, Parker Az. $500
Sydney Boyle    $25.00
Country Ceramics $100.00
Charlotte Oppermann   $50.00
Patty Seneski   $10.00
R C Mangham  $10.00
Janet Howsam  $10.00
Jack & Sandra Lengyel   $25.00
Selma Glass  $15.00
Willis & Cindy Hesselroth  $250.00
Geneva Gotsch   $50.00
Dr. Thomas Suddarth A Combat Wounded Disabled Veteran $25.00
Donation Cans in the Queen Creek Area $556.01
William & Marlene Dowling, with a note saying, "God Bless you, Nathan"  $10.00
Sandra & James Watson, Sun Lakes, who lost their USMC son on 3/23/03  $1000.
Argen Environmental, Inc   $100.
Colin Dunnigan, Phoenix, $100
Ironco Enterprises, LLC, Phoenix   $1000.00
Stephanie Vagg, OHSU SD Det B,  $30.00
Bryan Martyn, Major, Gold Canyon  USAF   $250
Thomas Springer, Phoenix $100
William Otoole, Chandler $100
John DiPippa, Phoenix $20
Alliance Beverage Company,$2000
Robert & Rebecca Dotson, Queen Creek $1000
Lisa Coletto-Cohen, Eric B. Cohen and Queen Creek Veterinary Clinic, $100
William & Rebecca Schufeteberg representing " Moms -Mothers of Military Service People"  $100
Roger and Joy LaLanne, Key West Florida $25
2 Bottles of Jarhead Red Wine were donated by Ben Lowe and family. They were recently raffled off at an event and $35 was donated. The winners were
Wendy Polari of Queen Creek and Steve Amile of the San Tan Foothills.



All Donations to date    08/01/06            $18,000 +

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