1. Janie Hanlon wanted the Community to do something to remember Nathan Martens
  2. Queen Creek Vice Mayor Jon Wootten suggested to Janie to contact Non-profit San Tan PRIDE
  3. Concept plan rough drawn up by Rosbrook & Brown.
  4. San Tan PRIDE board members Alden Rosbrook, Ed Guerra, Georgia Peterson, , Diane Drenk, Ron Hunkler, Ron McCoy, Gerhardt Obrikat, Regina Whitman, Sharon Dobbs, Kathleen Gunderman & Caroline Rosbrook voted to use the Nathan Martens Memorial concept
  5. Ben Lowe and Alden Rosbrook ask Maria Martens & Rob Martens for their OK
  6. MC Supervisor Fulton Brock supports project & asks MC Parks for STMRP Memorial Site
  7. MC Parks Director Bill Scalzo grants support & clearance for the STMRP Memorial Site.
  8. Gordon Brown enlists Liz Guy, renowned Arizona artist to produce concept artwork.
  9. Pinal County Supervisor Sandie Smith lends her support by speaking and writing to the public.
  10. Susie West from SRP initiates donation, with the help of Rosemary Gannon & Michael Voda, of 70’ steel power pole for Memorial
  11. Gilmore Parsons, Mike Buschbacher involves his company in our Memorial effort
  12. Then Queen Creek Mayor Wendy Feldman-Kerr & Vice Mayor Jon Wooten join as Chair & Vice Chair for the Memorial
  13. First official Memorial meeting at Gilmore Parsons with Jon Wootten, Wendy Feldman-Kerr, David Silver USN Veteran, Post 129 American Legion Commander Craig Barnes, Vice Chair Memorial Construction Gordon Brown, MC Parks Roxana Rojo, Mike Buschbacher, Mr. Parsons, QC Chamber President Vince Davis, QC Jaycees VP Mike Winfrey, Construction Chairman Alden Rosbrook
  14. Nationally renowned bronze artist Sylvana Anderson-Gish offers her talents
  15. David Silver goes directly to Senator John McCain and gains his help. He has obtained a 5000 lb. USN anchor for the Memorial.
  16. Baker Family Electric offers their services
  17. Through Molly Jacobs and husband Deano Sun State Builders Jim Chamberlain offers to move and install the 70’ steel pole.
  18. Charles Cotter offers 20 boulders for the Memorial
  19. Kathie Denton adds her services & ideas to our drive. Invents the “Grand Parade”, collection containers, PR work, invites and gets support from Fire & Police, schools, military units, Chaplin, and much more for the dedication and Parade
  20. The Duane Ellsworth American Legion Post 129 joins in support for the Memorial
  21. Consolidated Rebar moves the flag  pole from the SRP yard to the Memorial site
  22. Bill Clark of Consolidated Rebar offers to get anchor moved from USN to Site.
  23. Kelly Hedman of Congressman Flakes office helps us locate the families of the fallen heroes for the dedication

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